Carlo Pagani New Project Leader for TESLA

Carlo Pagani

Carlo Pagani: new TESLA Project Leader

On their meeting of January 25, 2003, the TESLA Collaboration Board nominated Prof. Dr. Carlo Pagani as TESLA Project Leader for a term of 2 years. For the TESLA Collaboration, he will henceforth coordinate the international research and development work related to the superconducting TESLA linear collider and X-ray laser. This includes the upgrade with the extension of the 100-meter-long TESLA Test Facility (TTF) to the 260-meter-long TTF2. It will be run for research and development studies for a free-electron laser (FEL) and a linear collider, and in 2004, it will be operating for HASYLAB users as the first source of this kind worldwide. The VUV-FEL will then generate highly intensive pulsed X-ray radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet wavelength range (VUV), allowing scientists to use it for their experiments at five measuring stations in a new experimental hall, the former "EXPO hall".

Carlo Pagani, professor at the University of Milano, is an enthusiastic supporter of TESLA. From the beginning, he worked in a leading position in the TESLA Collaboration, where he is leading the Milano INFN group (INFN stands for Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare). He specializes in cryostats, superconducting resonators and photocathodes needed for the particle source. In a few weeks, Carlo Pagani will assume the office of his predecessor Dr. Dieter Trines (member of the DESY directorate and head of the accelerator department).