Open Day at DESY

Open day

This year DESY, a center of the Helmholtz Association, again opens its gates to the public-the Hamburg research center invites to an Open Day. On Sunday September 28 2003, there is the chance for everyone to have a close look at everyday research and work at DESY. This invitation is meant for those between 9 to 99 years who are curious and thirsty for knowledge. "We welcome you to a variegated program with an entertaining presentation of the secrets of modern physics", said DESY-Director Albrecht Wagner commenting this event. It includes a visit to the HERA tunnel and the particle physics experiments in underground halls, to HASYLAB with its superlative light sources, new information about both TESLA projects, demonstrations in workshops and technology labs, and much more. From DESY researcher to trainee: all of them are ready to answer questions. Moreover, there will be lots of fun and entertainment and refreshments. Admission from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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