Now available: Technical Design Report Supplement for the TESLA X-ray Laser

The Technical Design Report supplement for the TESLA X-ray laser (TESLA X-FEL) is now available in the internet and as a printed version. The new design describes the X-FEL with a dedicated linear accelerator in a separate tunnel. With the elaboration of this design, DESY meets the conditions stipulated by German Science Council as a prerequisite for the support recommendation. The planned separation of the linear collider and the X-ray laser grants more flexibility and independence for all user groups.

The ESRF was founded at the end of the 1980's as a European association and since then it closely collaborates with HASYLAB. Both countries, France and Germany played a leading role, with a share of 27,5% and 25,5%. After a four-year-period of construction, the phase of operation of the synchrotron radiation source started in 1992 with the first stored electron beam. Today, ERSF provides 40 beam lines fed by wigglers and undulators, which are used by about 3500 scientists every year.

The printed version is distributed by Frau Ingrid Nikodem (Bldg. 1d, room 295).