Ernst-Dieter Rossmann and Ulrich Kasparick from the Federal Research Board visit DESY

On February 28 2003, the members of the Federal Education, Research and Technological Impact Assessment Board, Dr. Ernst-Dieter Rossmann (SPD) and Ulrich Kasparick (SPD) came to Hamburg to visit DESY.

Besuch der Bundestagsabgeordneten

From left to right: Jochen Schneider, both SPD-members of parliament, Ulrich Kasparick and Ernst-Dieter Rossmann, and host Albrecht Wagner are having fun during the visit of the TESLA Test Facility.

As a deputy research spokesman of his faction, Kasparick is specially interested in the large-scale research projects which were approved recently, one of them being the TESLA X-ray laser. Rossmann represents the Pinneberg district since 1998 and campaigns with great dedication for the TESLA project and its acceptance in the Federal Republic as well as in Hamburg and the neighboring state of Schleswig-Holstein. The planned route of the 33-kilometer-long TESLA linear collider starts at the DESY site and ends at the northern border of the Pinneberg district. The main theme of the detailed conversation with the Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wagner, Research Director Prof. Dr. Jochen R. Schneider and the Administration Director Christian Scherf was, of course, the future of both TESLA projects, after the decision of the Federal Government on the large-scale facilities, released by Federal Minister Edelgard Bulmahn on February 5 this year (see TESLA-news from February 5, 2003). "We are enthusiastic about DESY and its internationality" said both members of parliament after their visit. "The recent large-scale facility decision of the Research Minister guarantees DESY the perspective to continue developing with the utilization of the available means".