Member of the German Bundestag Ole Schröder visits DESY

Abgeordneter Schröder

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wagner (chairman of the DESY-directorate, left) shows the 100-meter-long TESLA Test Facility to Dr. Ole Schröder (member of the Bundestag, center) and his assistant Mathias Klier.

On February 3 2003, Dr. Ole Schröder (CDU), who some months ago became member of the German Bundestag representing the Pinneberg district, visited the research center DESY. After being informed in detail by Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wagner about DESY, its facilities and scientific themes, Ole Schröder used the opportunity to discuss intensely the two TESLA projects and their integration in the Pinneberg district. The 33-kilometer-long TESLA linear collider would start at DESY and run through the Pinneberg district (Schleswig-Holstein) reaching its northern border. In the middle of this route, in the village of Ellerhoop, would be the site for the new research center with the subterranean detector hall, a hall for the experiments with the TESLA X-ray laser, and buildings for the infrastructure.