David Milstead honored with the DESY Communication Award

Dr. David Milstead from the University of Liverpool was honored with the DESY Communication Award, presented by the Association of Friends and Sponsors of DESY.

Dr. Milstead

from left: Dr. David Milstead and Prof. Erich Lohrmann

Professor Erich Lohrmann awarded the prize yesterday on the occasion of a colloquium of the DESY in-house education program.
Milstead was honored with the € 1000 prize for a film about "Chasing the Magnetic Monopole" which he had produced last year in collaboration with a BBC TV team. The film provides an insight in Milsteads life and work as a young physicist at the HERA experiment H1, looking for magnetic monopoles. These hypothetical formations consist of a single magnetic north or south pole. They are the source of a magnetic field - comparable to the electrical charges and the corresponding field. In his lecture Milstead reported about his work and his experiences during the production of the film.
The DESY Communication Award was presented for the second time. It is an award for young scientists who have an excellent capability to give an understanding of their work to a scientifically interested audience.