DESY's Accelerator "PETRA" to Become a Most Brilliant Light Source

Its strength will be brilliance : From 2007 on, the PETRA accelerator at the Helmholtz research center DESY will be converted into the most brilliant storage-ring-based X-ray source worldwide. Already now , future users of the new light source are coming together to discuss experiments to be carried out at the planned 13 to 15 experimental stations. Scientists from various research fields ranging from materials science to structural biology are meeting at a workshop in Hamburg from May 26 to 28, 2003.

Aerial view with PETRA accelarator and new experimental hall

"As a new, superlative light source, PETRA will offer excellent conditions for top-class research with extremely intense and sharply focused X-ray light," said Professor Jochen R. Schneider, Research Director and Head of the Hamburg Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory HASYLAB at DESY, "with its unique properties, the PETRA accelerator will complement ideally the research perspectives offered by the X-ray laser, which is planned to become operational at DESY as a European project in 2011."

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