Hamburg Decides to Fund CFEL Building - New FEL Centre of Competence at DESY

The actors at today’s State Press conference dealing with CFEL, from left to right: State Council Roland Salchow, University President Monika Auweter-Kurz and DESY Director Albrecht Wagner.

In today’s session, the Senate of Hamburg has approved the construction of the CFEL Centre. With a cost of 50 million Euros, a building will be erected on the Hamburg University site next to the DESY campus until 2010, with laboratories and offices for approx. 300 scientists.

The Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) will be supported by the University of Hamburg, the Max Planck Society and DESY. The institute will be entitled to be a national centre of competence, “because it will bundle different specialist competencies, beyond the classical institute boundaries,” explained DESY Director Albrecht Wagner. “Under the umbrella of CFEL, we will create a research environment for scientists in Germany that guarantees the optimal use of the DESY FLASH facility and of the European XFEL. At the same time, international collaboration and training will play a central role.”