FLASH – The Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg: New DESY brochure on occasion of the launch of the XFEL

Cover of the new FLASH brochure

From today on, the new FLASH brochure is available at PR – a brochure of a special kind: “Facilities like FLASH open windows into unknown territories,” says Jochen R. Schneider, one of the two research directors of DESY. “With this 52-page brochure, we hope to spark interest in scientists who may want to use this worldwide unique light source for their own research, but also and especially in students who wish to delve deeper into this field.” One central subject are the first scientific results obtained at FLASH, which are pioneering for the European XFEL and other future facilities, and which have already attracted considerable interest from the international scientific community. A CD integrated into the brochure provides additional information, as well as 26 papers that were published in scientific journals before the copy deadline of the brochure (beginning of May 2007).

The FLASH brochure is written in English. It can be obtained from PR (building 1, room 2) or downloaded from the Internet: http://pr.desy.de/.