Two New Helmholtz Young Investigators Groups at DESY

Katerina Lipka (30) graduated at HERMES at Humboldt University in Berlin and then worked at the H1 experiment.
Ulrich Husemann (33) graduated at HERA-B at Siegen University and then went to CDF at Fermilab.

Two young investigators groups will be established at DESY this year: Dr. Katerina Lipka and Dr. Ulrich Husemann were able to convince an international evaluating committee of the excellence of their particle physics research project. For the coming five years, they will be endowed with at least 250 000 Euros per year each. 125 000 Euros will be granted by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association, the remaining sum by the participating institutes and universities.

Katerina Lipka and her group will use the HERA data to determine the gluon density in the proton. The precision of these measurements has a substantial influence on the analysis of the proton-proton collisions at the LHC. Katerina Lipka will collaborate at the CMS experiment’s top quark physics. Partner universities are Hamburg, Mainz and Wuppertal.

Ulrich Husemann and his group will be occupied with top quark physics at the LHC. He will work at the ATLAS group at DESY and Humboldt University Berlin. Apart from data analysis he will also participate in the commissioning and upgrade of the ATLAS silicon detectors.