XFEL: Here We Go! - Call for tenders for underground constructions started

How to construct an accelerator, step one: Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan, Hamburg Mayor Ole von Beust and the Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein Peter Harry Carstensen are trying to build a complete cavity from reproductions of a one-cell niobium resonator during the XFEL launching ceremony.

On June 5, Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan officially launched the European XFEL project – one day later already, the DESY purchasing department started the Europe-wide call for tenders for the underground XFEL constructions. The call for tenders has been published since June 8 in the Supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union. It comprises two lots: 1) the accelerator tunnel and shafts, 2) the experimental hall, tunnel fan and shafts. The contracts will be placed in about six months. In a first step, the commissioned firms will then plan the execution of the construction work in detail, so that ground-breaking can be expected to take place in spring 2008.