IceCube Season Ended Successfully

With 13 installed strings, the IceCube team has exceeded its original plan for this year’s polar season by one string. Each string is equipped with 60 photomultipliers deployed in holes 2450 meter deep. These devices record the light from high energy neutrino interactions in the Antarctic ice. Moreover, 20 so called IceTop tanks were installed that are used to measure air-shower particles. The progress is obvious: 1 string in the season 2004/05, 8 strings in the season 2005/06, 13 in this season. This makes the scheduled completion of IceCube in January 2011 a sound expectation. By now, 22 strings and 52 tanks have been installed, in total more than 1400 optical modules. 380 of them have been assembled at DESY.

Another success of this season was the installation of the “South Pole Acoustic Test Setup”. 63 receivers and 21 transmitters, all built at DESY, have been deployed in the ice. They will measure the attenuation length of acoustic signals and the level of ambient noise. The aim is to test whether the polar ice allows the acoustic detection of neutrino reactions in the Exa-electron volt (EeV) range (1 EeV = 1 million TeV).