New Helmholtz-Russia Research Group

Sketch of the CMS detector at the LHC (top) and the Large Detector Concept for the ILC

At DESY, a new research group will be established in which mainly young scientists from DESY and three participating Russian institutes will do research to resolve questions of particle physics. Being one from a total of eight of 26 submitted applications, the proposal from DESY “Physics and Calorimetry at the Terascale” has been selected to form a so called Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Group. This new support program was launched in an initiative of the president of the Helmholtz Association, Professor Mlynek, and the chair of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Professor Khomich. A primary aim of the joint three-year program is to promote the scientific cooperation with Russia and to provide attractive research conditions for young scientists in the field of particle physics.

Within the joint research group, DESY will collaborate with the Moscow-based Russian institutes ITEP (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics), MSU (Moscow State University) and MEPHI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). The group will be involved in physics analyses of experiments at the HERA, LHC and ILC accelerators and detector design and construction for LHC and ILC.

The approval of this joint research group represents an acknowledgement of the long-lived close and successful collaboration between DESY and its Russian partner institutes. The proposed activities complement the activities of the Helmholtz Analysis Center at DESY and the Strategic Alliance between DESY and the German Universities.