Workshop of the European industry forum EIFast has been successful

The industry workshop held at DESY on the 9th and 10th May demonstrated that everything is ready for the technical realisation of the European XFEL Project.

The European industry forum EIFast (European Industry Forum for Accelerators with Superconducting RF-Technology) organised a workshop on the European XFEL project at DESY on May 9 and 10, 2006. One goal of this event was to inform potential suppliers from European industry about the current status of the design of this new European large, scientific machine. The companies were asked to comment and give their opinion on technical layout and other relevant issues.

Fifty-seven companies and fourteen institutions from thirteen countries were represented by more than 170 participants. They covered the whole spectrum of services needed for the construction of XFEL.

The participants and the organising forum, EIFast, as well as the European Project Team considered the workshop to have been highly beneficial. The participants explicitly praised the exemplary presentation of the XFEL project and the timely involvement of industry.

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