Markov Prize 2006 to Dr. Christian Spiering

Dr. Christian Spiering

At May 12, the Scientific Council of the Institute for Nuclear Research (INR) of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow awards the 2006 Markov Prize to Dr. Christian Spiering (DESY in Zeuthen) and Dr. Grigory Domogatsky (INR Moscow), in recognition of their role in developing the Baikal Neutrino Telescope, and for their contributions to basic research in the field of high-energy neutrino astrophysics.

The Markov Prize has been established by the INR in commemoration of Prof. M.A. Markov, one of the founders of the Institute. Markov was the first who in 1960 proposed neutrino detection in open water.

Dr. Christian Spiering is leading scientist for astroparticle physics at the former IfH Zeuthen, now DESY, and member of the BAIKAL collaboration since 1988.
He is the present spokesman of the IceCube collaboration and chair of the ApPEC Peer Review Committee which is working on a European Roadmap on Astroparticle Physics.