Parallel computing capacities significantly increased

Three production systems of the most recent generation of APE computers (Array Processing Experiment) have successfully been deployed at DESY in Zeuthen. apeNEXT is a special purpose computer optimized for applications from theoretical particle physics. The future installation will consist of 2048 processors and a total computer power of more than 2 Tflops (2 •1012 floating point instructions per second).
Typical applications for this highly scalable architecture achieve a remarkable efficiency of about 50 percent. The new supercomputers are furthermore characterized by compact construction and low power consumption. Architecture and processor of apeNEXT have been developed during recent years by a European collaboration between INFN (Italy), DESY and the University Paris-Sud. The new systems allowed increasing the computing power of the APE computers at DESY in Zeuthen by more than a factor five. The resources are being made available by the John von Neumann-Institute for Computing (NIC). By upgrading this topical center DESY makes a substantial contribution to high performance computing within the Helmholtz Association.