EPAC Student Prize for Axel Winter

Axel Winter is a DESY PhD student at Hamburg University since 2004. He elaborated his diploma thesis in the FLA group on electro-optical sampling of the time structure of electron bunches in accelerators.

For his outstanding work in accelerator physics, DESY PhD student Axel Winter received the “EPAC Student Prize” (EPAC = European Particle Accelerator Conference), presented to him on this year’s EPAC in Edinburgh. Axel Winter was awarded for his significant contribution to the development of a novel, ultra-stable reference oscillator for FLASH and XFEL. This oscillator will allow the synchronization of the FEL components with femtosecond precision.
Hence, this year two of the three renowned EPAC prizes go to DESY accelerator physicists. Dr. Lutz Lilje received the prize in the “Young Scientist” category. He was already nominated in March and the award was presented to him during a special session of the conference.