On the Trace of Supersymmetry: New Helmholtz Young Investigators Group at DESY

Philip Bechtle (30) graduated at DESY in 2004 and is currently working at the BaBar experiment at SLAC in California.

A new Helmholtz Young Investigators Group gets going at DESY. Starting in May 2007, Dr. Philip Bechtle will lead a new young investigators group dealing with the subject „Terascale Physics: From Data Taking at LHC to Understanding at ILC“.

This research field is related to supersymmetry (SUSY). Together with his group, Philip Bechtle will try to answer the question on how to link data from the LHC at CERN and the future International Linear Collider ILC in such a way that it can be used for testing theoretic models. The aim is to confirm or discard SUSY models with these data.

Concerning the experiments, in close cooperation with German university groups, the young investigators group will be engaged in the setup and optimization of the triggers of the ATLAS detector that is currently built at the LHC. Moreover, with their experience from the LHC data analysis, they will influence the design of the future ILC detector.

With their Impulse and Integration Fund, the Helmholtz Association promotes selected projects of excellence of junior scientists and the integration of research institutes. For 5 years, the young investigators group of Philip Bechtle is funded with an annual budget of 250,000 Euros, 125,000 Euros coming from the Fund. It is the ninth group which has been established at DESY.