Young DESY Physicist Awarded: “Accelerator Prize 2006” for Lutz Lilje

A sought-after award goes to DESY physicist Dr. Lutz Lilje: the “Accelerator Prize 2006“ of the “European Physical Society Accelerator Group“ (EPS-AG). It is a prize for young physicists having made a significant contribution to the accelerator field. Lutz Lilje will be awarded in recognition of his major role in the development of high gradient superconducting RF structures, including his original contributions in the development of fast tuning systems which guarantee a stable frequency of the resonators during operation. The 2000 Euro prize will be presented during a special session of the Particle Accelerator Conference EPAC in June 2006.

Lutz Lilje works at DESY since 1997. One of his tasks is the improvement of superconducting accelerator structures. Moreover, he is head of the frequency tuning work package for the X-ray laser project XFEL and he collaborates in the “Global Design Effort Team“ for the International Linear Collider ILC.