Karpinskij Prize for a member of the Scientific Council at DESY, Prof. Alexander Skrinsky

Prof. Skrinsky

Mrs.Toepfer presents the Karpinskij Prize to Prof Alexander Skrinsky

He is a pioneer - the Russian scientist Prof. Alexander Skrinsky - and he had a decisive influence on modern accelerator development. Now, the 67-years old physicist again took credit for his work: the Alfred-Toepfer Foundation honored the scientist with the Karpinskij Prize 2002 on Wednesday last week. The ceremony took place in Novosibirsk, where Prof. Skrinsky is the director of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The prize endowed with 15,000 Euro was awarded to an "outstanding scientist and science manager who to a great extent contributed to the development of particle physics and accelerator research" said Prof. Albrecht Wagner, chairman of the DESY Directorate, when he delivered the honorific speech as chairman of the Karpinskij curatorship. Skrinskys ideas and new approaches gave new impulses to the development of storage rings and linear colliders and "modern experimental particle physics is unimaginable without them". Prof. Wagner emphasized.
To the Hamburg particle physicists, the Russian colleague is no stranger: already since 1995 Prof. Skrinsky is a member of the Extended Scientific Council at DESY.