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Light bulbs, general purposeA98
Labels, self-adhesiveM41
Lamp sockets (E27)A94
Liquid level switchesA76
Light bulbs (E14 fitting)A98
Low power overload protection tripsA57
Lamps & accessoriesA99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105
Lamp holders (E27)A94
Lamp holders, miniatureA71
Light bulb extractorsA97
Long headed screwsG28
Long nosed pliersI15
Leak search sprayH5
LED - housing with 2 LED (red/green), MENTORG13
LED panel instrumentsA81
LED numerical displaysE15
Light benzineH6
Light metal tubingL19, 28
Leads, single core, standardB6
Leads, computerB12, 13, 14
Leads, flexible, halogen freeB11
Leads, flexible (standard)B8
Leads, mains, instrument (standard)B27, 28
Leads, rubber insulatedB8, 11
Leads, halogen freeB9, 10, 11
Leads, high tension halogen freeB17
Leads, coaxial halogen freeB16
Leads, coaxial (standard)B15
Leads, insulatedB4
Leads, insulated, halogen freeB9, 10, 11
Leads, standard typeB6, 7, 8
LEMO, plugs & accessoriesC31
LEMO pliersI20
LEMO cableB19
LEDsE12, 13, 14
LEDs, subminiature, in holdersE14
Lamps, fluorescentA101, 102, 103, 104
Lamps, table, anglepoiseM11
Loctite adhesivesH10
Loctite screwlockH9
Long nosed pliersI17
Level switchesA76
Labels, snap-onA6

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