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Wire, spring steelK3
Wire, connectingB25
Wire, welding & accessoriesH27
Wire-wrap, wire & accessoriesB36
Wire brushesI88
Wire-wound potentiometers, cementF22
Wire-wound resistors, 4W / 9WF11, 12
Warning lampsA96
Wing nutsK50
Winged screwsK44
Warning noticesH15
Woodscrews, round head, slottedK35
Wire-wrap pliersC59
Wooden folding rulersI81
Wooden box for try squareI83
Woodscrews, round head, slottedK35
Woodscrews, raised countersunk head, slottedK34
Woodscrews, hexagon head (coach screws)K38
Woodscrews, countersunk head, slottedK36
Woodscrews for chipboardsK37
Working jacketsH60, 61
Washers, countersunkK59
Writing padsM37
Warning lamps & accessoriesA77
Wastepaper basketsM11
Washers, springK60
Washers, sphericalK59
Washers, shakeproofK61, 62
WashersK56, 57, 58
Wrenches, inner hexagonI40
Welding wire & accessoriesH27
Welding gogglesH77
Welding rodsH27
Watchmaker's eye-glassI86
WashersK56, 57, 58
Weidmüller connectorsA4, 5
Warning noticesH16, 17, 18
Weidmüller connectorsA4, 5
Wire-wrap wire & accessoriesB26
Wire-wrap handpliersC59
Wire-wrap toolsI14
Wire-wrap-stripsC59, 76
Wrenches, adjustableI17

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