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Aluminium, sheetL20, 21
Aluminium, stripL18
Aluminium, profileL18, 19, 20, 21
Aluminium, perforated sheetL20
Aluminium, tubing, lightL19, 28
Aluminium, tubingL19
Aluminium, roundL18
Aluminium, UL18
Aluminium, square tubeL19
Aluminium, sheet, textured for walk-waysL21
Aluminium, angleL20
Sheet, aluminiumL20, 21
Sheet, E-CuL22
Sheet, thinL6
Sheet, thickL7
Sheet, copperL22
Sheet, perforated, aluminiumL20, 21
Sheet, brassL17
Sheet, medium thicknessL6
Sheet, stainless steelL12
Sheet, steel, galvanisedL6
Sheet, Al for walkways etc.L7
Sheet, walk-way, aluminiumL21
Rolled steel joist, I-sectionL5
Thin sheetL6
Strip, aluminiumL18
Strip, copperL22
Strip, brassL16
Strip, steelL4
Strip, steel, rolledL11
Foil, copperL23
Foil, tin-bronzeL24
Pre-formed sections, aluminiumL18, 19, 20, 21
Pre-formed sections, plasticL26
Pre-formed sections, copperL22, 23
Pre-formed sections, brassL15, 16, 17
Pre-formed sections, PlexiglassL27
Pre-formed sections, steelL3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Pre-formed sections, stainless steelL10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Pre-formed sections, silver-steelL3
Synthetic resin bonded paper sheetL25
Hard PVC tubeL24
Hollow steelL13
Plastic, pre-formed sectionsL26
Copper, sheetL22
Copper, stripL22
Copper, pre-formed sectionsL22, 23
Copper, barL22
Copper, foilL23
Copper, tubeL23
Thin walled aluminium tubingL19, 28
Thin walled steel tubingL9, 28
Light metal tubingL19, 28
Perforated aluminium sheetL20
Mannesmann-tubingL9, 28
Material, roundL10
Brass, sheetL17
Brass, stripL16
Brass, sectionL15, 16, 17
Brass, tubeL17
Brass, roundL15
Brass, hexagonL17
Medium thickness sheetL6
Profiles Assembly SystemL29
Paper panel, resin bonded, hard L25
Panel, paper, resin bonded, hard L25
Panel, silicateL24
Panel, TrovidorL26
Plexiglas, sectionL27
Plexiglas, tubeL27
Plexiglas, rodL27
Plexiglas, sheetL27
Profiles Assembly SystemL29
PVC, rodL26
PVC tube, hardL24
Square section tubeL12
Tube, aluminiumL19
Tube, aluminium, thin-wallL19, 28
Tube, aluminium, square sectionL19
Tube, copperL23
Tube, light metalL19
Tube, MannesmannL28
Tube, brassL17
Tube, PlexiglassL27
Tube, PVC, hardL24
Tube, squareL12
Tube, steelL9
Tube, steel, thin walledL9, 28
Tube, stainless steelL13, 14
Rod, aluminiumL18
Rod, copperL22
Rod, brassL15
Rod, steelL3, 10
Rod, stainless steelL10
Rod, PlexiglassL27
Hexagon materialL11
Hexagon brassL17
Silicate panelL24
Steel sheet, galvanisedL6
Steel stripL4
Steel strip, rolledL11
Steel sectionsL3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Steel sections, stainless steelL10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Steel, hollow sectionL13
Steel, tubeL9
Steel tube, thin wallL9, 28
Steel rodL3
Steel, silverL3
Steel, squareL4
Steel, angleL5
Steel, angle, stainless steelL11
Plate, PlexiglassL27
Aluminium sheet for walkways etc.L7
Trovidor plateL26
Joist, rolled steel I sectionL5
Square tubular aluminiumL19
Square tubular steelL4
Aluminium, sheet, textured for walk-waysL21
Angle aluminiumL20
Angle steelL5
Angle steel, stainless steelL11
Tin-bronze foilL24

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