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Cover plates (earth cable)B66
Tap-off cableB42
Cable end ferrulesB59
Cable end ferrule crimping pliersB60
Flat band cableB20
Bus-cable IEEE-488B39
Computer cableB12, 13, 14
Computer printer cable (Centronix)B40
Signal cableB12, 13, 14
Insulating sealing compoundB67
Mains distribution boards with residual current tripB31, 33
Mains distribution boards, Schuko & accessoriesB29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
Wire, connectingB25
Wire-wrap, wire & accessoriesB36
Three core mains with cableB30
Single core cable, halogen freeB5
Insert strips for cable markersB67
Unwrapping toolsB26
Mains distribution boards, Schuko, sparesB34
Telephone cableB18
Flatband cable, halogen freeB20
Flatband cable crimping pliersB21
Flatband cable sheersB21
Flat connectorsB57
Flat connector socketsB56
Equipment cable (standard )B27, 28
Braid, copperB25
Rubber insulated cableB8, 11
Hand unwrapping tool for Wire-wrap wireB26
High tension cableB17
Sealing compound, insulatingB67
Insulating sleeving, lacqueredB68
Muff with insulating material for damp areasB62
Cable, tap-offB42
Cable, BNCB47, 48, 49, 50
Cable, telephoneB18
Cable, halogen free, single coreB5
Cable, halogen free, multicoreB5
Patch cable, HF, standardB47, 48, 49
Patch cable, HF, halogen freeB50
Cable, IEEE-488-busB39
Cable, LEMOB19
Cable, multicore, halogen freeB5
Cable, standardB3
Cable, patchB43, 44, 45
Cable, printer, computerB40
Cable, multicore, signalB3
Cable, transceiverB40
Cable, TwinaxB19
Cable, cover platesB66
Cable ties, (endless)B64
Cable ties & accessoriesB63
Cable ties, closures/bucklesB64
Ferrules, cable endsB59
Cable marker stripsB66
Cable puttyB67
Cable markerB67
Cable, muffsB62
Cable trays & accessoriesB72, 73, 74, 75, 76
B74, 75, 76
Cable terminals, solderB58
Cable terminals, pressB52, 53, 54
Cable terminals, crimpB55
Cable terminals, pinB57
Cable connectors, crimpedB52, 53, 54
Cable connector crimping pliersB60
Cable connecting equipmentB62
Cable, accessoriesB62
Cable marker for earth conductorB66
Coax fixing railsB61
Coaxial high tension cableB17
Coaxial cable distribution panelsB61
Coaxial conductor (standard)B15
Copper braidB25
Copper wireB25
Leads, single core, standardB6
Leads, computerB12, 13, 14
Ribbon cable, halogen freeB20
Leads, flexible, halogen freeB11
Leads, flexible (standard)B8
Leads, mains, instrument (standard)B27, 28
Leads, rubber insulatedB8, 11
Leads, halogen freeB9, 10, 11
Leads, high tension halogen freeB17
Leads, coaxial halogen freeB16
Leads, coaxial (standard)B15
Leads, insulatedB4
Leads, insulated, halogen freeB9, 10, 11
Test leadsB35, 36, 37, 38
Multicore cable, screened, LEMOB19
Leads, standard typeB6, 7, 8
Signal cableB12, 13
Signal cable, twisted pairsB14
Extension leadsB28
LEMO cableB19
Connecting wire, strandedB22, 23, 24
Solder - cable endsB58
FO Simplex patch cableB51
Insulated leadsB4
Insulated leads, halogen freeB9, 10, 11
Master Slave mains distribution boardsB29
Multicore cableB5
Test leads, silicone & accessoriesB35, 36, 37, 38
Mounting panels for cable tiesB63
Muff for damp environmentsB62
Heatshrink muffB62
Mains cableB27
Patch cableB43, 44, 45
Press cable terminalsB52, 53, 54
Press cable connectorsB52, 53, 54
Crimping pliers for cable ferrulesB60
Crimping pliers for cable connectorsB60
Tray, cable & accessoriesB72, 73, 74, 75, 76
B74, 75, 76
Crimp cable terminals, insulatedB55
Crimping pliers for flatband cableB22
Patch cable, FO SimplexB51
Connecting wire, solidB25
Connecting wire, strandedB22, 23, 24
Shears, ribon cableB21
Sleeving, insulating B68
Heatshrink muffB62
Heatshrink sleeving, blackB71
Heatshrink sleeving, transparentB70
Mains distribution board and spares, SchukoB29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
Support rails, coaxB61
Mains distribution boardsB29, 30, 31, 32, 33
Mains distribution board, sparesB34
Flat connectors, maleB58
Flat connectors, femaleB57
Signal cable, standardB3
Signal wireB13
Signal wire, twisted pairsB14
Pin, cable terminal, insulatedB57
Snap connector, insulatedB54
Transceivercable assemblyB40
Transceiver, micro-B42
Twinax cableB19
Connectors, pressB54
Connecting cable BNCB47, 48
Connecting cable CAMAC-NIMB49
Extension leads, SchukoB28
Buckles, cable tiesB64
Distribution board, coaxial cableB61
Wire-wrap wire & accessoriesB26
Heatshrink sleevingB70, 71
Pliers, crimpingB60
Pliers, crimping, ribbon cableB22
Mains leadsB27, 28

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