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Rolled steel joist, I-sectionL5
Rotary switches, KLÍCKNER-MOELLERG8
Resettable over current tripsA19
Replacement insole for OTTER-ShoeH56
Replacement blades for universal knifeI50
Relays, pulse operatedA70
Ribbon cable connectors, D subminiatureC67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73
Ribbon cable connectors, SCOTCHFLEXC61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66
Rods, threadedK48
Rectifiers, siliconE8
Rectifiers, silicon bridgeE9
Rectifier diodes, silicon, SchottkyE9
Rubber feetH24
Rubber bandsM6
Rubber insulated cableB8, 11
Rubber bootsH58
Rubber sleevesA29
Rubber goods, technicalH24
Rivets, round headK65
Resin bonded paper tubesK3
Relays, accessoriesA59
Relay pliersI17
Record cards, linedM18
Record card boxes with lidM18
Record card registers/separatorsM18
Rocker switches KNITTERG6
Rocker switches MENTORG13
Register, paper-boundM17
Ribbon cable, halogen freeB20
Raised countersunk slotted head woodscrewsK34
Raised countersunk slotted head screwsK43
Refills for ball pensM25
Refills for text-marker, yellowM24
Refills for Edding felt pensM22
Ringbinder clipsM13
Rivets, round headK66
Rivets, PopK65
Rivets, Cu, Al, countersunk headK65
RADIALL pliersI20
Reed relaysG21
Register, paper-boundM17
Relays, board, ERNIG19
Relays, industrial- & socketsA68
Relays multi contact , SIEMENSG18
Relays, motor protection-, thermal & accessoriesA61, 62
Relays, multifunctionA69
Relays, reedG21
Relays, round, SIEMENSG20
Relays, current pulse operatedA70
Ringbinder refillsM37
Ring/set spannerI38
Rust removerH5
Rod, aluminiumL18
Round filesI31
Rod, copperL22
Rod, brassL15
Round needle filesI33
Round relays, SIEMENSG20
Rod, steelL3, 10
Rod, stainless steelL10
Rod, PlexiglassL27
Round nosed pliersI15
Rails, 3-phase-, common-, carrier-A14
Rails, mounting-, common-, carrier- (Hensel)A11
Residual current cut-outA66
Replacement insole for OTTER-ShoeH56
Rods, weldingH27
Rubber stamps, (date)M10
Rotary switchesA79
Refills for Edding Nr. 1 felt pensM22
Relay extension blocks, delaylessA59
Resistor network, 0.15 W (+25íC)F16
Resistor network, 0.2 W (+25íC)F15
Resistor network 0.2 W (+70íC)F17, 18, 19
Resistor network 0.25 W (+25íC)F13
Resistor network 0.3 W (+70íC)F14
Resistor, wire-wound, 4 W / 9 WF11, 12
Resistor, metal oxide film, 2.0 WF10
Resistor, metal film,- 0.4 W / 0.6 WF8, 9
Resistor, metal film,- 0.5 W (70íC)F3, 4
Resistor, metal film,- 0.6 W / 0.7WF5
Resistor, metal film,- 0.7 W (70íC)F6, 7
Resistor, micro metal glasedF2
Rulers, folding, woodenI81

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