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Adhesive tape dispensersM7
Adapter for coax-connectors, 50 OhmC27, 28, 29, 30
Adapter cardsG32
Adding machine paper rollsM34
Address labelsM41
Alpha-index, advanced-CMOS, IC`s digitalD28
Alpha-index, CMOS, IC`s digitalD14, 15
Alpha-index, ECL, IC`s digitalD30, 31
Alpha-index, HC / HCT, IC`s digitalD19, 20, 21, 22
Alpha-index, low power Schottky TTL, IC`s digitalD4, 5, 6
Alpha-index, standard-TTL, IC`s digital D2
Aluminium foilK3
Aluminium, sheetL20, 21
Aluminium, stripL18
Aluminium, profileL18, 19, 20, 21
Aluminium, perforated sheetL20
Aluminium, tubing, lightL19, 28
Aluminium, tubingL19
Aluminium, roundL18
Aluminium, UL18
Aluminium, square tubeL19
Aluminium, sheet, textured for walk-waysL21
Aluminium, angleL20
AMP connectorsC40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51
Anti-theft security loopH42
Attenuators, BNCC11
Auxilliary switch box for motor protection switchgearA64
Acorn nuts/domed cap nutsK54
Adhesive tapeH12
Adhesive tapesA56
Adhesive tapes, films & sticksM7
Adhesive films with dispenser, hand or deskM7
AdhesivesH10, 11
Armoured plastic tubing & accessoriesA36
Armoured plastic tubing, halogen free & accessoriesA37
Armoured plastic tubing mounting clipsA25
Adjustable spannerI39
Abrasive & polishing materialsH25
Anglepoise lampsM11
Allen keys(hexagon wrenches)I40
Automatic cut-outA18, 19
Aluminium sheet for walkways etc.L7
Adapters, Tee & elbow, SMAC19
Acoustic alarmA75
Aluminium, sheet, textured for walk-waysL21
Angle aluminiumL20
Angle screwdriversI8
Angle Allen keys/inner hexagon wrenchesI40
Angle steelL5
Angle steel, stainless steelL11
Accessories AMPC49, 50, 51
Accessories for cable canals 49A
Accesories for multi contact relays 18G
Accessories for circuit boards 28G
Accessories according to CAMAC/NIM standard 16C
Accessories SMA 22-23C
Accessories, transistorsE25, 26

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