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Distribution boxes, universalA40
Distribution boxes, cableA38, 39
Date stampsM10
DowelsH33, 34
Differential pressure switches & accessoriesK31
Diodes, germanium-E4
Diodes, rectifier, silicon, miniaturE8
Diodes, rectifier, silicon-SchottkyE9
Diodes, Hot-Carrier-.E4
Diodes, light-emitting- (dual-, subminiatur-)E12, 13, 14
Diodes, siliconE4
Diodes, silicon-triggerE9
Diodes, Z-, silicon-powerE7
Diodes, Z-, silicon-PlanarE5
Diodes, Z-, silicon-Planar-powerE6
Diode-parameter abbreviationsE2
DIP switchesG3
Discettes (Floppy discs)H38, 39
Disc boxesH40
Discette accessoriesH38, 39
Double ended set spannerI39
Double connectors, (Weidmüller)A4
Double ring spannerI39
DO - type fuse holdersA16
DO - type fusesA16
Disposable syringesI86
De-soldering toolsI79
Double set spannersI39
Disc capacitor, miniature, ceramicF39, 40, 41, 42
Disc trimmer, (ceramic)F55
Die holdersI63
Desk padsM11
DIP connectorsD44
Desk lamps, anglepoiseM11
Door interlock switchesG4
Door interlock switchesA74
Dry batteriesG11
Drawing inkM27
Distribution board, coaxial cableB61
Distribution materialA4, 5, 6, 7
Drawing materialsM28, 37
Drawing cardboardM39
Drawing paperM39
Drawing inkM27
Digital displays, LEDE14

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