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Boxes for safety equipmentH83
Boring toolsI72
Boring toolsI71, 72
Banana plugsC7
Battery connector contactsG11
BatteriesG11, 12
Benzine, lightH6
Benzine, canisterH22
BitsI11, 12, 13
BNC adapterC27, 28, 29, 30
BNC coaxial connectorsC8, 9, 10, 11
Board relays, ERNIG19
Boring toolsI69
Bridge rectifiers, siliconE9
Broadband chokesF58
Brushes, file cleaningI36
Brushes, wireI88
Büschel plugsC7
BURNDY crimping pliersI21
Bus-cable IEEE-488B39
Buckets, bowlsM47
Blank panels (Hensel)A10
Bases for calenderM45
Braid, copperB25
Block (cable bracket)H32
Blank modules, AEC-NIM & accessoriesG36, 37, 38
Batteries, button cell V13GS/V357G12
Boiler suitsH62, 63
Ball pens, refillsM25
Ball pensG63
Barrier stripsA41
Brass, sheetL17
Brass, stripL16
Brass, sectionL15, 16, 17
Brass, tubeL17
Brass, roundL15
Brass, hexagonL17
Backs for filesM13
Boards, EuropaG29, 30, 31
Backs for filesM14
Bus bars, 3-phaseA14, 19
Bus bars & accessoriesA11
Bus bars, (Klö-Moe)A7
Bits & accessoriesI11, 12, 13
Bill of material (forms)M39
Button-switches, "NOT - AUS" (Emergency off)A80
Button-switches, Schuko-A54
Barrier strips (380V)A41
Buckles, cable tiesB64
Barrel connectors, SMAC19
Blackboard chalkM27

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