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Folder, cardboardM12
Files, JurisM12
Filing articlesM12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Fittings, fire extinguisherK28
Fittings, smallK28
Flat band cableB20
Fixing kits for potentiometersF20
Flimsy paperM36
Felt pens, Edding Nr.1M22
Fixed plugs, BURNDYC18, 19
Front panels, blankG13
Fixed connectors, SMAC32
Fanfold paper for chart recorderG63
Felt pensM22
Fibre tipped pens for chart recorderG63
Fibre tipped pens for overheadM23
Female/male connectorsC75, 76, 77
FilesI29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
Files, keyI35
File cleaning brushesI36
File handlesI36
Fine writerM22
Field effect transistorsE21
Ferroxcube broadband chokeF58
Fire extinguisher fittingsK28
Film, PolaroidG64
Felt pensM22
FI - protection tripsA66
Fittings, solder, copperK13, 14, 15
Fittings, stainless steelK6
Fittings, bronzeK7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Flatband cable, halogen freeB20
Flatband cable crimping pliersB21
Flatband cable sheersB21
Flat filesI29
Flat band cable crimping pliersI23
Flatband cable sheersI23
Flat chiselsI27
Flat needle filesI32, 33, 34
Flat connectorsB57
Flat connector socketsB56
Flat pliersI15
Flange with fixing wedge (Hensel)A8
Flange bracketH31
Flange bracket setH31
Filling tapeH12
Foil, copperL23
Foil, tin-bronzeL24
Foil, aluminiumK3
Film for copierM40
Foil, plasticK4
Film, acetate, for overhead projectorM40
Film for ink-jet printerM40
Front panels, blankG13
Front panels for PCB Europa standard SIEMENS M2G58
Front panel adapterF30, 31
Front panel attachment for potentiometerF20
Filament lampsA95, 96, 97, 98
Folding rulersI81
Front panel materialG38, 46
Files, suspendedM12
File covers, slittedM15
Folders, plasticM12
File covers, normalM15
Filing strips/clamps, plasticM16
Ferrules, cable endsB59
Fixing screws for hollow wallsA28
Film for copierM40
Fixing clipsH29
Flourescent lampsA99, 100
Fluorescent lamps, starterA104
Fluorescent lamps, accessoriesA104
Fluorescent tubesA101, 102, 103, 104, 105
Fans, built-in & accessoriesG39
Fibre Optic, T-ST adaptorC78
FO Simplex patch cableB51
Folders, "Letter for signature"M12
Film for overhead projectorM40
Fixing rails for cable supportsA24
Files, thumb-index, alphabetical or numericalM12
Fluorescent lampsA96, 98
File covers, slittedM15
Folders, plasticM12
Felt pens, Edding Nr. 1M22
Face masksH74
File cover, normalM15
Fuses, glass- (fast & anti-surge)A20, 21, 22
FusesA16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Fuse insertsA16
Fuse elements, colour tapsA13
Fuse holdersA23
Fuse socketA17
Forcep cutters, miniatureI17
Flat connectors, maleB58
Flat connectors, femaleB57
Flat filesI30
Foot with shock absorberH32
Film for ink jet printerM40
Folders, "Letter for signature"M12

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