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Cover plates (earth cable)B66
Cover plates, INTERMASG49
Cover plates, moving coil metersA84
Cover profilesH31
Cover plates, plain- (Hensel)A8
Covers for computer print-outM12
Cable end ferrulesB59
Cable end ferrule crimping pliersB60
Cable clamps, Hensel-A12
Connector contacts, batteryG11
Connecting plateH31
Current converters for rail fixingA87
Component carriers INTERMAS & accessoriesG49, 50
Component carrierD44
Canisters & bottlesH22, 23
Crates, AEC - NIMG36, 37, 38
Centre bitsI58
CAMAC endplatesG27
Cartridges, data-H38
CD-ROM blanksH39
CD-ROM assessoriesH41
CEE - plugs & sockets (3-phase)A55
CENTRA lampsA98
Chemical productsH4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Clips, pipeK16
Computer cableB12, 13, 14
Computer mouse padsH42
Computer printer cable (Centronix)B40
Computer assessoriesH42
Contraves multiswitchesG7
Crimping pliersI20, 21
Crimping pliers, BURNDY & accessoriesC36
Crimping pliers, LEMOC14
Crimping pliers, RADIALLC24
Ceiling elbowsK12
Cable holder clips for cable conduitsA49
ChokesF55, 56, 57, 58
Chokes, broadbandF57
Carbon paperM36
Coloured pensM21
Coaxial cable, semi rigid, SMAC23
Club hammerI25
Cable fixing clampsA26
Cable clipsA27
Cleaning kits for ear protectorsH78, 81
Cable conduitsA48, 49
Cable, tap-offB42
Cable distribution boxesA38, 39, 40
Cable, BNCB47, 48, 49, 50
Cable, telephoneB18
Cable, halogen free, single coreB5
Cable, halogen free, multicoreB5
Cable, IEEE-488-busB39
Cable, LEMOB19
Cable, multicore, halogen freeB5
Cable, standardB3
Cable, patchB43, 44, 45
Cable, printer, computerB40
Cable, multicore, signalB3
Cable, transceiverB40
Cable, TwinaxB19
Cable, cover platesB66
Cable ties, (endless)B64
Cable ties & accessoriesB63
Cable ties, closures/bucklesB64
Cable feed-throughsA29, 30
Cable conduitsA47, 48, 49
Cable marker stripsB66
Cable puttyB67
Cable markerB67
Cable knifesI50
Cable, muffsB62
Cable trays & accessoriesB72, 73, 74, 75, 76
Cable clampsA25, 26, 27
Cable clamps AC, BURNDYC35
Cable terminals, solderB58
Cable terminals, pressB52, 53, 54
Cable terminals, crimpB55
Cable terminals, pinB57
Cable protection systemA32, 33, 34, 35
Cable sleevesA29, 30
Cable connectors, crimpedB52, 53, 54
Cable connector crimping pliersB60
Cable connecting equipmentB62
Cable fittingsA33
Cable fittings & accessoriesA32, 33, 34
Cable, accessoriesB62
Cable strain reliefs for D subminiatureC71
Calender, calender basesM45, 46
Cable connectors, Euro norm, coldA51, 52
Canister, benzineH22
Canister, plasticH23
Chancelry paperM36
Chain hooksH21
Countersink & deburrerI58
Cable marker for earth conductorB66
Ceramic potentiometer, miniatureF20
Ceramic disc capacitor, miniatureF39, 40, 41, 42
Ceramic disc trimmerF55
Ceramic multilayer capacitorF43, 44
Chains, round steelH21
Chains, safetyH13
Cooling medium, test tabsH4
Chinstraps for safety helmetH71
Compound, sealingK5
Clamps, feedthrough, double and earth leadA4
Clips, crocodileC6
Connector blocks (Klöckner-Moeller)A7
Clamps, hoseK26
Connector boxes A41
Cold sprayH5
Coax fixing railsB61
Coax. connectors, 50 Ohm, BNC adapterC27, 28, 29, 30
Coax. connectors, 50 Ohm, CAMAC/NIMC14, 15, 16, 17
Coax. connectors, series BNCC8, 9, 10, 11
Coax. connectors, series CC12
Coax. connectors, series NC13
Coaxial high tension cableB17
Coaxial cable distribution panelsB61
Coaxial leads, halogen free 16B
Coaxial conductor (standard)B15
Carbon paperM36
Combination pliersI16
Capacitor, electrolyticF33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38
Capacitor, electrolytic low voltageF34
Capacitor, electrolytic, dry, aluminiumF36
Capacitor, electrolytic, tantalumF37, 38
Capacitor, ceramic, multilayerF43, 44
Capacitor, ceramic, miniature, discF42, 43, 44
Capacitor, styroflexF45, 46
Contact sprayH5
Correction fluid & leavesM9
Cross cut chiselsI27
Centre punchI28
Crocodile clipsC6
Copper, sheetL22
Copper, stripL22
Copper, pre-formed sectionsL22, 23
Copper, solder fittingsK13, 14, 15
Copper, barL22
Copper, foilL23
Copper braidB25
Copper, tubeL23
Copper wireB25
Circuit boardsG22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Circuit boards & accessoriesG28
Circuit board coversG32
Connecting wire, strandedB22, 23, 24
Circulation foldersM12
Current convertersA87
Cam operated switchesA81, 82
Cable glands, screwedA33
Crimping pliers for cable ferrulesB60
Crimping pliers for cable connectorsB60
Crimping pliers, KLAUKEI22
Cross connectors (Weidmüller)A4
Crimp cable terminals, insulatedB55
Crimping pliers for flatband cableB22
Calculator ribbonsM34
Cable supportsA24
Cleaner, glassH6
Cleaning materialsM47, 48
Cleaning sprayH5
Cleaning materials & solventsH6
Connecting wire, solidB25
Connecting wire, strandedB22, 23, 24
Clamps & (cable-) accessoriesA25, 26, 27
Countersunk woodscrews, slotted headK36
Countersunk rivetsK66
Countersunk screws, slotted headK41, 42
Connectors, misc.C76
Chipboards, woodscrewsK37
Cotter pinsK64
Connector for high tension cableC25, 26
Connector strips, AMPC60
Connector strips, SCOTCHFLEXC61, 62
Collars for armoured cable tubingA36, 37
Connectors, AMP 6 poleC41
Connectors, AMP 14 poleC42
Connectors, AMP 20 poleC43
Connectors, AMP 26 poleC44
Connectors, AMP 41 poleC45
Connectors, AMP 42 poleC46
Connectors, AMP 50 poleC47
Connectors, AMP 75 poleC48
Connectors, AMP, overviewC40
Connectors, AMPHENOLC55
Connectors, BURNDYC32, 33, 34, 35
Connectors, CAMAC branch highwayC56
Connectors, chassisC56
Connectors, D-, AMPC74
Connectors, D- subminiatureC67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73
Connectors, electronicC58, 59, 60
Connectors, ERNIC75
Connectors, AMPHENOL-TUCHELC39, 56
Connectors, HARTING, type HC75
Connectors, HARTING, multipoleC58
Connectors, coaxial, 50 Ohm, CAMAC/NIMC14, 15, 16, 17
Connectors, coaxial, BNCC8, 9, 10, 11
Connectors, series BNC, 50 OhmC27, 28, 29, 30
Connectors, series CC12
Connectors, series NC13
Connectors, LEMO, multipoleC31
Connectors, LUMBERG, mini-moduleC53, 54
Connectors, DIN 41612C75, 76
Connectors, AMPHENOL-TUCHELC37, 38
Connectors, SHV-NIMC24
Connectors, SMA & accessoriesC18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Connectors, multipole, round, BURNDYC32, 33, 34, 35
Connector accessories, AMPC49, 50, 51
Catalogue filesM16
Contact pins, BURNDYC34
Cable glandsA31
Current pulse relaysA70
Current convertersA87
Cloth, spongesM47
Circulation foldersM12
Changeover switches, MARQUARDTG6
Changeover switches, MENTORG13
Connectors, hoseK29
Connectors, pressB54
Connecting panels for Euro card extenderG32
Connecting cable BNCB47, 48
Connecting cable CAMAC-NIMB49
Cable conduitsA47, 48, 49
Chokes for fluorescent lampsA104
Ceiling elbowsK12
Changeover switches, smallG9
Corrugated pipesA35
Centre drillsI58
Cheese head self-tapping screwsK46
Cheese head screws with slotted headK32, 33

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