HERA and the LHC

A workshop on the implications of HERA for LHC physics

Proceedings in one file (pdf, ps)



Preface (H.Jung, A. De Roeck)

Author list

Plenary Presentations:

Instanton induced processes

Heavy quark production at HERA and the LHC

From HERA to the LHC

Working group reports:

Parton Density Functions

Introduction to Parton Density Functions

LHC final states and their potential experimental and theoretical accuracies

Experimental determination of Parton Distributions

DGLAP evolution and parton fits


Multi-Jet final states and energy flows

Multi-jet final states

The Underlying Event

Forward Jets and Multiple Interactions

Survival Probability of Large Rapidity Gaps

Multi-Jet Production and Multi-Scale QCD

Unintegrated parton density functions


Matching Parton Showers and Matrix Elements

Constrained non-Markovian Monte Carlo modeling of the evolution equation in QCD

QED x QCD Exponentiation and Shower/ME Matching at the LHC

PHOTOS as a pocket parton shower: flexibility tests for the algorithm

Heavy Quarks (charm and beauty)

Introduction to { Heavy Quarks (charm and beauty)

Theoretical review of various approaches in heavy quarkproduction

Experimental overview of heavy quark measurements at HERA

Experimental aspects of heavy flavour production at the LHC

Small-x effects in heavy quark production

Heavy quark fragmentation

Benchmark cross sections for heavy-flavour production


Introduction to Diffraction

Diffraction for non-believers

Diffractive Higgs Production: Experiment

TOTEM forward measurements: exclusive central diffraction

TOTEM forward measurements: leading proton acceptance

Diffractive Higgs: CMS/TOTEM Level-1 Trigger Studies

Proposal to upgrade the very forward region at CMS

Diffractive Higgs Production: Theory

Diffractive Higgs: Monte Carlo generators for central exclusive diffraction

Diffractive Structure Functions and Diffractive PDFs

HERA Diffractive Structure Function Data and Parton Distributions

Diffractive parton distributions from the HERA data

Diffractive parton distributions

DPDF: A Library for Diffractive Parton Distribution

Prospects for FLD Measurements at HERA-II

Diffractive dijet production at HERA

Effect of absorptive corrections on inclusive parton distributions

Multiple Scattering at HERA and at LHC - Remarks on the AGK Rules

Multiple Scattering in DIS

From HERA to LHC though the Color Glass Condensate

Vector Boson Fusion at CMS

Electroweak gaps (not yet available)

The Leading Proton Spectrometer of ZEUS

The H1 Forward Proton Spectrometer

Saturation effects at LHC energies

From ep to pp: high energy evolution with pomeron loops

Diffractive Higgs boson production: A brief guide to the main Durham results

Multigap Diffraction at LHC

MC – tools

Introduction to Monte Carlo Tools

The Les Houches Accord PDFs (LHAPDF) and LHAGLUE

ThePEG: Toolkit for High Energy Physics Event Generation




The Event Generator SHERPA





Leading proton production in ep and pp experiments: how well do high-energy physics Monte Carlo generators reproduce the data?

NLOLIB - A Common Interface for Fixed-Order Calculations



RunMC: an object-oriented analysis framework to generate Monte Carlo events for current and future HEP experiments

A C++ framework for automatic search and identification of resonances

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