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Initialize user parameters                
Flavour reduction:                
Initialize "particle" INST in event record                
Set value of a double precision parameter                
Set value of an integer parameter                
Set value of a flag                
Print status of internal variables                
Initialize JETSET common block data                
Loop over required number of events                
Generate one event                
Assign hard process & variables (HERWIG)     HWEPRO            
Dummy in QCDINS                
Call hard subprocess                
Main hard process generator of QCDINS                
Dummy routine for initial state radiation                
Kinematical limits                
Generate identity of current quark and virtual quark q'                
Generate (Q', x') and associated weight                
Generate u=(Q'^2,x') as du/u^(n+1)                
Weight of q'g cross section                
Valley action                
Fermionic overlap                
Lambert W-function                
Saddle-point value of conformal distance                
Inverse running coupling                
Generate Poissonian gluon multiplicity                
Average gluon multiplicity                
Inverse running coupling                
Valley action                
Lambert W-function                
Generate z as dz/z^(n+1)                
Flux of virtual quark q'                
Additional weights                
4-momentum of incoming gluon                
Generate 4-momentum of virtual photon                
Generate 4-momentum of current quark and virtual quark q'                
Generate partonic final state                
Generate strings of partons given their total number                
Find the incoming partons in the strings of partons                
Set up masses of outgoing partons                
Generate 4-momenta of outgoing partons                
Generate kinematic weight of final state                
Dummy routine for user's PS weight                
Store 4-momenta into PHEP of HW                
Color connections for each string                
Generate parton cascades (HERWIG)     HWBGEN            
Combine jets                
HERWIG to JETSET block data conversion                
JETSET event record to HEPEVT common                

A. Ringwald and F. Schrempp

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