QCDINS - A Monte Carlo Generator for

QCD-Instanton Induced Processes in DIS

Mark Gibbs,  Andreas Ringwald and Fridger Schrempp

QCDINS [1,2] is a Monte Carlo package for simulating QCD-instanton induced scattering processes in deep-inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering. It is designed as an `add-on' hard process generator for the Monte Carlo generator HERWIG. Optionally, an interface to JETSET is also available for the final hadronization step. This allows to examine the effects of different hadronization schemes on the instanton-induced final state.

Illustration: Typical event from QCDINS

: To QCDINS package description


M. Gibbs, A. Ringwald and F. Schrempp, hep-ph/9506392,
in Proc. DIS 1995 (Paris), J.-F. Laporte & Y.Sirois, Eds., pp. 341-344.
A. Ringwald and F. Schrempp, long write-up hep-ph/9911516,
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