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Benno List
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I am a senior scientist in the IPP (Information Management, Projects, Processes) group at DESY.

Since 2011, when I joined IPP, I have been responsible for the Technical Design Documentation of the International Linear Collider (ILC). I have contributed to the Design Integration of the ILC and the editing of the Technical Design Report, and now I work as cost engineer and Change Administrator.

I coordinate the CAD services of IPP, which encompass the provision and support of CAD software (predominantly I-DEAS and Solid Edge) for more than 400 users at DESY, and consulting and participation in projects, for instance CAD data quality assurance and integration for the European X-FEL.

As member of the IPP team, I support and advise large scientific projects in matters of data management, including application of project management and system engineering methods. Currently, we work for the European X-FEL, FLASH Forward, and support the ALPS II project and the DESY groups working on the CTA observatory.

I have been a member of the H1 collaboration since 1992, where I got my PhD in 1997 working on the Forward Proton Spectrometer (FPS). From 1998 to 2000 I was a CERN fellow and worked in W decays to charm quarks in the OPAL collaboration. From 2001 to 2006 I was employed by the ETH Zurich and was in charge of the H1 Central Silicon Tracker (CST). Later I was co-convenor of the Heavy Flavour Working Group, working for the University of Hamburg, where I also gave lectures on Detectors in high-energy physics and Higgs and electroweak interactions.

I am interested in the application of statistical methods and have contributed the chapter on constrained fitting to a text book on Data Analysis in High Energy Physics, and have acted as reviewer for papers on statistical methods for international journals such as Nuclear Instruments and Methods A and European Physics Journal C.


Important Publications and Theses

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Self-Filling Histograms

Together with Jenny List, I have written a RooT-based analysis toolkit called "Self-filling histograms" (SFH). Documentation in HTML and Postscript is available.
An interface to the Marseille analysis framework Marana, called SFHMarana, is also available and documented in in HTML and Postscript.

Kinematic Fitting

Together with Jenny Böhme, I am developing an object-oriented kinematic fitting framework called KINFIT. Documentation in HTML and Postscript is available.

Other Presentations

OPAL Technical Notes

Unpublished Notes on Statistical Topics


I am the author of diffVM, a Monte Carlo generator for diffractive processes in ep collisions based on the VDM.

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