Tate Medal for Gustav-Adolf Voss

Laureate Prof. Gustav Adolf Voss

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) awarded the Tate Medal for International Leadership in Physics to Prof. Gustav-Adolf Voss. He received the renowned medal on 14 February at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Washington in recognition of his outstanding success in promoting international physics for many years, especially for his effective support of Soviet and Eastern European physicists after the breakup of the Soviet Union, his stimulation of the development of accelerator technology throughout Europe, and his leadership in the construction of the synchrotron radiation source SESAME in Jordan, which is to be used as a collaborative facility by nine countries in the Middle East.

Gustav-Adolf Voss is remembered at DESY particularly for his successes as project leader for the PETRA and HERA storage rings. Voss was member of the DESY Directorate and head of the accelerator division from 1973 until 1994. With unorthodox, internationally oriented and very effective methods, he shaped the complete research centre. He always brought together the best experts from all over the world. For his lifetime achievements in accelerator physics, Gustav-Adolf Voss was the first one to be awarded with the golden DESY pin in September 2009.

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