Brandenburg Research Minister Martina Münch visits DESY

Dr. Sakhorn Rimjaem shows Research Minister Martina Münch the photo injector test facility PITZ.

On Friday, 9 April, Dr. Martina Münch, Research Minister of Brandenburg, visited DESY in Zeuthen. In an extensive conversation with Professor Helmut Dosch, chairman of the DESY board of directors, and Dr. Ulrich Gensch, representing the DESY directorate in Zeuthen, she was introduced to the complete research programme of DESY and the role of DESY in Zeuthen – firmly established in the core programme of DESY accelerator physics as well as DESY’s successful effort in the field of astroparticle physics.

Afterwards, the minister had the opportunity to learn more about the scientific projects during a tour around the Zeuthen campus. DESY staff members, ranging from senior scientists to doctoral students, explained the fascinating and particular aspects of their research projects. The wide range of projects, including the photoinjector test facility PITZ, the planned Cherenkov telescope array CTA and the new ATLAS control room, showed the collaborative work of both DESY locations, its substantial participation in international research projects and its role in future large projects.

The minister was impressed by the results presented as well as proud of the fact that important contributions to international large-scale projects are made in Brandenburg.