Strong partners for future research

Close collaboration (from left): Persis S. Drell (SLAC), Helmut Dosch (DESY), Dieter Lenzen (University of Hamburg), Martin Stratmann (MPG)

At DESY, on the day of the research centre's official 50th-anniversay ceremony, the course was also set for the future: four high-ranking research organisations – DESY, Stanford University with the SLAC accelerator centre, the University of Hamburg and the Max Planck Society – signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the collaboration in two promising research areas: X-ray science and free-electron laser research.

All participating partners have vast experience in these fields. DESY and SLAC are operating the first free-electron lasers in the X-ray range in the world, thus creating completely new experimental possibilities. All four institutions are centres of excellence that fathom the potential of research with the extremely intensive, ultra-short pulsed X-ray laser flashes. There are many applications for these. Even the scientists’ dream to make films of chemical reactions or the movements of biomolecules at the atomic level is already within reach.

The goal of the agreed close collaboration is to bundle and mutually strengthen this competence in the best possible way. In the future, the aim is to achieve more together in both the required training of scientists and the planning and development of research programmes.