Reprints of some older or less accessible papers

Name					Reference					Size

Conformal Transformations, Thesis Ann.Physik 9 (1962) 388-428 2.2M Conformal symmetry at high energies Phys.Lett.3(1962)78-80 246k Regge behaviour and dilatations Phys.Lett.4(1963)56-58 252k Dilatations at high energies Nucl.Phys.58(1964)561-579 1023k Conformal group in space-time Phys.Rev.142(1966)1060-1071 1.2M Conformal group position operators Phys.Rev.143(1966)1021-1027 909k Infrared processes at high energies Phys.Rev.147(1966)1130-1135 773k Gauge properties Minkowski space Phys.Rev.150(1966)1183-1193 999k Parity violation. Nuovo Cimento 48(1967)271-274 493k Gauge properties Minkowski space Seminar at Schladming School March 1968 20.4M Collisions at high energies Lectures at Schladming School March 1968 46.9M Gauges of Galilei space Nucl.Phys.B7(1968)545-558 677k p-p Bremsstrahlung model Nucl.Phys.B14(1969)566-572 681k High energy scaling in astrophysics Phys.Lett.37B(1971)521-524 696k Global conformal tramsformations Rep.Math.Phys.6(1974)395-430 4.5M HJ-theories for strings Phys.Lett.105B(1981)191-196 887k Canonical theories Phys.Rep.101(1983)1-167 7.7M E.Noether and symmetries in physics Lect. Conf. Barcelona Sept.1983 40.4M Einstein, Lecture at RWTH Aachen 1989 Article in a book (in German) 28.4M HEP at RWTH Aachen 1996 (in German) RWTH Aachen 1996 7.2M