PETRA as a New High Brilliance Synchrotron Radiation Source

DESY plans to convert the PETRA storage ring into a new high brilliance third generation synchrotron radiation source. For the design phase the Federal Ministry of Education and Research will provide 1.4 million Euros from the funds of the "Verbundforschung" over the next 3.5 years for the employment of seven engineers and one scientist. It is intended to compile a design report with costs projection for the transformation of PETRA into a dedicated synchrotron radiation source until the end of 2003. After approval in 2004 the project will be prepared to a state, that reconstruction of PETRA can start in January 2007.

The synchrotron radiation source PETRA III is planned to run at 6 GeV energy and with a current of more than 100 mA. By the use of damping wigglers an emittance of 1 nmrad will be achieved. Therefore, PETRA III with the planned 13-15 undulator beamlines will be the most brilliant storage ring based X-ray source worldwide for years.

Coordinators of the project are Klaus Balewski and Werner Brefeld in charge of the storage ring as well as Edgar Weckert (project manager) and Hermann Franz in charge of the synchrotron radiation facility.

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