Congratulations to Helen Edwards!

The accelerator scientist Helen Edwards has been awarded the 2003 Robert R. Wilson Prize by the American Physical Society (APS), "for her pivotal achievement and critical contribution as the leader in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the Tevatron, and for her continued contributions to the development of high gradient superconducting linear accelerators as well as bright and intense electron sources."

For approx.10 years, guest scientist Helen Edwards -and her husband Don Edwards- have regularly been staying at DESY for extended periods of time, collaborating on the research and development of the superconducting TESLA resonators. In 1993-94 Helen was the project leader of the TESLA Test Facility (TTF). Currently she is the head of a research group developing a photo injector for the projected linear collider at Fermilab. Her comment to the award: "... I believe this award is for my husband as much as for myself, as we have worked effectively as a team over the years."