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Dr. Desmond P. Barber, CPhys., FInstP.

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)
Accelerator Physics Division

Hamburg, Germany

Department of Physics, University of Liverpool

Liverpool, U.K.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of New Mexico

Albuqueque, New Mexico, USA

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UNM Newsroom

Announcement from the American Physical Society

HERA has been closed down

Doctor and Diploma Projects in Ultra-relativistic Spin Dynamics

The workshop: Polarised Antiproton Beams -- How?,
at the Cockcroft Institute, August 2007

The Proceedings

The workshop ''Polarized Antiprotons'' at Bad Honnef, June 2008

The LHeC at CERN, Geneva

EIC: The Electron-Ion-Collider project

Lectures and recent talks.

My professional activities and interests

The HERA Luminosity Upgrade

The history of polarisation at DESY.

Future HERA options.

Papers on polarisation

The polarised proton study group at DESY

The polarised proton workshop 1999: talks and           proceedings

Radiative polarisation & spin rotators at HERA

Theses on our polarisation studies

Other polarisation projects, groups or teams

HERA status: currents, luminosity, polarisation


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