SEVAN Project

The Space Environment Viewing and Analysis Network (SEVAN) was developed by the A. Alikhanyan National Lab in Yerevan, Armenia, to measure different cosmic particle species simultaneously. This allows to study cosmic weather effects caused by an increased Sun activity and the influence of the Sun wind on the cosmic particle flux.

The network includes detector modules installed in Armenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czechia and in India. As a first step, data from the detector on the mountain Aragats (3200 m altitude) in Armenia and from the detector on the mountain Moussala (2925 m altitude) in Bulgaria are available for analysis.

Students can compare the fluxes of muons, electrons, neutrons and gammas and can study their long term behavior and the influence of atmospheric pressure and temperature. Of particular interest are cosmic weather and other effects connected with the activity of the Sun.



Data structure

Possible Student Exercises

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