DESY scientist appointed Honorary Professor at BTU Cottbus

On 14 July, Wolfgang Lohmann was appointed Honorary Professor at Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus. The university acknowledges the scientific work of Lohmann in the field of particle physics and his long-time teaching commitment at the institutes of physics and chemistry at BTU Cottbus.

Wolfgang Lohmann is a scientist at DESY in Zeuthen and currently spokesman of the international FCAL (Forward Calorimeter) collaboration. The FCAL collaboration is involved in the development of new sensors for detectors at future electron-positron colliders like the International Linear Collider ILC. Moreover, it contributes to the current detectors at the Large Hadron Collider LHC and to the new beam diagnosis system of the free-electron laser FLASH at DESY.

Before taking up work at DESY, Wolfgang Lohmann worked at several European research institutes, like Serpukhov and Dubna (Russia), the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, and he was part of a number of international experiment collaborations. One of these is the BCDMS experiment at CERN where from high precision measurements of the proton and neutron structure, the coupling constant for the strong force was determined with high accuracy. After that, he did research at the L3 experiment at CERN in the field of Tau-Lepton physics and the search for the Higgs boson. Lohmann started teaching at BTU Cottbus in 2002. He lectures on nuclear and elementary particle physics and gives special lectures on particle and astroparticle physics.