ILC-Research: Emmy-Noether-Fellowship for Dr. Jenny List

Jenny List was born in 1974 and studied physics at the University of Hamburg. She earned her doctorate at the RWTH Aachen and subsequently worked as a junior scientist on the H1 experiment at DESY and on the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

Physicist Dr. Jenny List has recently received one of the sought-after Emmy-Noether-Fellowships of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). With the subsidies granted for 5 years, she will establish a project group at DESY that will study, among other things, the possibilities to detect dark matter at the International Linear Collider ILC. The Emmy-Noether-Fellowship gives the opportunity to outstanding scientists like Jenny List to qualify for professorship within a short time as a selfdependent head of a team of junior scientists.

Research for the ILC at DESY offers excellent perspectives: the planned linear collider opens possibilities to discover the particles that might be the components of dark matter - the so called WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles). In this case - like in many other measurements planned at the ILC - the polarization of the electron and positron beam will play a decisive role. Dr. Jenny List and her team want to specify the accelerator and detector requirements for the best possible verification of WIMPs and to develop a prototype of a Compton Polarimeter that will measure the beam polarization with a precision that could not be reached so far.