Outstanding Highlight: Approx. 6,000 curious people came to visit DESY during the “Night of Knowledge”

Last Saturday, approx. 6,000 visitors took advantage of the “Night of Knowledge” to make a DESY tour bathed in a special light. This made Hamburg’s largest research institute a genuine highlight for more than 10,000 inquisitive night owls peregrinating to all kinds of research facilities, among them many families with their children, who were offered a variegated program at DESY: amazing things to see and many hands-on experiments. The indefatigable dedication of approx. 360 DESY members was really worthwhile. “The visitors rush exceeded our expectations and our guests were enthusiastic!” said Albrecht Wagner, head of the DESY directorate, “Thank you very much to all the participating DESY members for this great success”.