Marek Kowalski

Astroparticle physics and IceCube experiment

In June 2014, Marek Kowalski officially took up office as a Leading Scientist in the IceCube group in Zeuthen. He graduated there in 2004 within IceCubes predecessor project, AMANDA, and is thus an old hand at DESY. After his professorships at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the USA, Humboldt University (HU) of Berlin and his W3 professorship at the University of Bonn, he now assumes a joint professorship at HU Berlin and DESY. His focus is on the future expansion of IceCube at the geographic South Pole. Apart from his research in neutrino astronomy and observational cosmology, Kowalski will bring an ambitious new project to DESY: the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) planned in cooperation with Caltech (USA), the Oscar Klein Centre (Sweden) and the Weizmann Institute (Israel) - is an instrument for an all-sky survey with a novel 1.6-gigapixel camera. Kowalski will take data allowing pioneering observations in supernova cosmology, that are also important for neutrino astronomy.

Academic career

Since 2014 Professor of Physics (W3) at Humboldt University Berlin and Leading Scientist at DESY
2009 Physics prize of the Göttingen Academy of Science and Humanities
2009-2014 Professor of Physics (W3) at the University of Bonn
2006-2009 Emmy Noether Group Leader at  Humboldt University Berlin
2004-2006 Postdoctoral Reseacher and Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the supernova cosmology group of Saul Perlmutter
2000-2003 PhD and PhD Fellowship at DESY in Zeuthen and at Humboldt University Berlin (2004)
1999 Diploma at Humboldt University Berlin



  Member of the IceCube Collaboration and Executive Board
  Member of the Zwicky Transient Factory Board
2013-2014 Director of the Physics Institute of the Universtiy of Bonn
2012-2014 Speaker of the Center for Detector Physics of the University of Bonn
2010-2011 Director of the Physics Institute of the Universtiy of Bonn
Since 2011 Astronomy Coordinator within Helmholtz Alliance for Astropartice Physics and Member of the Executive Board of Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics
2010-today Chair of the Supernova Factory Collaboration Board