Hans Weise

Superconducting accelerators

Hans Weise is Leading Scientist at DESY. His main focus is on the operation and development of superconducting accelerators. At present he leads the DESY effort for the European XFEL project and has also taken over the coordination of the XFEL Accelerator Consortium. This consortium is made up a number institutes of the XFEL partner countries, who mainly contribute in-kind or with staff to the construction of the XFEL, as well as DESY.

Academic career

Since 2010 Leading Scientist at DESY, DESY Head of Project European XFEL, Coordinator XFEL Accelerator Complex
2007-2010 Deputy Head of Project European XFEL Accelerator Complex Coordinator European XFEL - Cold Linac
1998-2007 Coordinator TTF Linac /VUV-FEL Accelerator
1998-2010 Head of DESY group MIN (Linear Collider, sources, Kicker & Septa, FLASH operation)
1995-1998 Coordinator TESLA Test Facility Linac
1993-1995 PostDoc DESY; F-Division - TESLA Test Facility & SRF-Technology
1987-1993 PhD at Technical University Darmstadt
1983-1987 Study of Physics at Technical University Darmstadt