Andreas Stierle

Structure and properties of nanoscale systems

Andreas Stierle is professor for nanoscience at the University of Hamburg and leading scientist at DESY. He is also responsible for the organisation of the DESY nanolab as a user facility. His main focus is on the investigation of the structure and physical-chemical properties of nanoscale systems ranging from ultra-high vacuum to application-related environmental conditions, with the help of synchrotron radiation based methods. In addition to this, complementary laboratory examination methods of the DESY nanolab are used. The results gained deepen the fundamental understanding of gas, solid state or liquid-solid interfaces of nano materials which are used for anti-corrosion or in energy conversion processes.

Academic career

Since 2012 Professor at the University of Hamburg and Leading Scientist at DESY
2009-2012 Professor for Solid States Physics at University of Siegen
1998-2009 Research fellow at Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart
1996-1998 Postdoc at the European Synchrotron Radiaton Source ESRF in Grenoble, France
1992-1996 PhD at the University of Bochum
1986-1992 Study of physics at the  Ruhr University in Bochum