Beam Instabilities of the Storage Ring
Impedance Model

During the design and commision phase of PETRA III one work package of the project (WP 1.20) focused on beam instabilities and the impedance model of the storage ring. The mission of the work package was to scientifically evaluate and analyse beam instabilities which can limit the beam intensity in PETRA III. Calculations have be coordinated and carried out with the objective of obtaining an impedance model of the storage ring. Tasks were the scientific evaluation and analysis of single bunch instabilities (mode coupling) and multi-bunch instabilities. Computations have been coordinated and carried-out to obtain the modes in rf-cavities and wake fields in vacuum chambers and components of the storage ring.

R. Wanzenberg
DESY, Notkestr. 85, 22603 Hamburg, Germany

Impedance Model | List of Papers

Impedance Model 

The impedance model in terms of loss and kick parameters has been summarized in:

K. Balewski, R. Wanzenberg, O. Zagorodnova (DESY, Hamburg, Germany),  
The Impedance Model of PETRA III,  

Published in ICFA Beam Dyn.Newslett.45:114-125, 2008 pdf-file

The details of the calculations can be found in the following list of papers.


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