International Workshop on
Aging Phenomena in Gaseous Detectors

October 2-5, 2001 at DESY in Hamburg

Final Papers now available !!

        High Energy Physics experiments are currently entering a new era which requires the operation of gaseous particle detectors at unprecedented high rates and integrated particle fluxes. Full functionality of such detectors over the lifetime of an experiment in a harsh radiation environment is of large concern to the involved experimenters.
        New classes of gaseous detectors such as large scale straw-type detectors, Micro-Strip Gas Chambers, Micro Pattern Gas Detectors, and related detector types with their own specific aging effects have evolved since the first (and up to now last) workshop on wire chamber aging was held at LBL, Berkeley in 1986.
        In light of these developments and as detector aging is a notoriously complex field we think it is time again to provide a forum for interested experimentalists to review the progress in understanding of aging effects and exchange their recent experiences. One goal of the workshop will be to work out a set of recommendations on how to minimize aging effects in state-of-the-art and future gaseous detectors.

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International Advisory Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Misha Danilov (ITEP,Moscow)
Boris Dolgoshein (MEPHI, Moscow)
Daniel Froidevaux (CERN)
John Kadyk (LBL)
Peter Krizan (Ljubljana)
Vladimir Peskov (Lund)
Fabio Sauli (CERN)
Ian Shipsey (Purdue)
Jaroslav Va'vra (SLAC)
Albrecht Wagner (DESY)

Marcus Hohlmann (chair, DESY)
Cristobal Padilla (DESY)
Norbert Tesch (DESY)
Maxim Titov (ITEP)


Iris Kerkhoff
Ramona Matthes

Tel.:+49 40 8998-4600
FAX: +49 40 8998-4900

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